Saturday, July 23, 2005

american hegemony

In my last post i've criticized extremism among muslims that lead to this bad idea a lot of westerners have of islam and muslims , in this post i want to talk about the other part of the problem , namely the american policy in the world specially towards arabs and muslims , i hate playing the role of victim but the truth is that we've suffered a lot of humiliation directly or indirectly , directly through invasion , threatning , interference in our domestic affairs, and indirectly through supporting dictators and corrupted goverments when they serve american interests , and getting rid of them under the cover of spreading democracy when " mission accomplished " , isn't that a double standard , a pure hypocrisy? another basis of american policy is to deceive american public and to direct its attention to other concerns other than unempleyment , education , and what happened since president Bush declared war on terrorism ? all i can see is chaos , attacks everywhere , innocent people dying everyday , the war on terror has brought only destruction , more hatred between nations , it seems that the american administration is preparing a dark agenda for this poor world , i'm trying to be optimistic , but what's happening these days is not very promising , even in america itself civil rights are regressing in front of "patriotism" , and the new speech explains all the agenda : either you're with us or against us , it reminds me Hitlerian speech warning people they have no choice but to agree with the Fuhrer's ideology , and what was the aftermath ? a total destruction . wish you better days humankind .....

Monday, July 11, 2005

bad goal , no message

i guess everyone was shocked hearing the terrible news about the criminal attacks in london , it's really difficult ( almost impossible ) to understand the way these people were and are thinking and feeling , they have no respect for human soul , no consideration for victims families , have they thought about what could happen to innocent muslims because of their stupid actions ? of course they don't care , all they do care about is to see the result of their action , to see deads , injured and chaos and to prove that western security don't work at 100% specially when facing nervous and courageous so-called muslims , isn't that part of corruption allah has forbidden , and is that a response to the injustice and humiliation alot of muslims are suffering , and what kind of messages they are trying to send to the west ?, disturbing the mood of blair and bush ?, what's else ? saying to western public opinion that we muslims are not scared of you , we can kill , spread fear , or do they think they are the real muslims ?, who gave them this "tazkia"? , i'm a muslim , i understand the suffering of our brothers and sisters in palestine , iraq and other regions , and i do feel pain more than those who kill anywhere it seems an easy target do claim for oppressed muslims , i believe in jihad as i believe in prayer , but jihad as i know it is to fight he who fight you , not his cousin nor his neighbour , of course unless they join him in the battle's field , real jihad distinguish between fighter and civilian , salaf's mujahidin had alot of consideration to take before fighting , you know why ? they were fully aware that they were fighting for allah , for a cause of justice , NOT for fighting itself , coming back to the results and impacts of london's attacks on muslims and daawa in west , alot of our brothers will suffer , some of them will be sent back home and allah know what's waiting for them , others will loose their jobs , mosques are under the danger of attacks of some extremists ( that impact has reached new zealand ) ,as for daawa , it would be a titanic task after what happened to convince english people islam has nothing to do with violence and criminality , what's more ? allah knows what's coming . i've said many times muslims (specially in the arab world ) are not aware of what's going on around them , we should go back to our resources , our quran and sunna if we want to know and understand our role in this life , we must deepen our knowledge about quran's teaching and avoid confused opinions and feelings of people who have to do more with politics than pure jihad , may allah guide us all to the right path , Amen .