Sunday, June 12, 2005

free your minds

i still believe the crisis in our poor arab and islamic world is a crisis of mind , and the real war in this changing world is a war of ideas and thoughts , the idea lead the military power and the use of weapons is a confirmation of the triumph of that ideology or idea asd superior one , we muslims though we have the strongest idea , a divine idea , concept of truth and guidance , yet we are defeated and humiliated nation , it's so simple , we don't believe truly in islam as guidance and salvation , otherwise we would follow its principles and teachings , i find it really strange to find nations which have a deep belief in a misleading ideologies and a nation which have some doubts about the efficiency of its religion in finding solutions to their problems , we need to use our minds and rethink our position in the world , if we believe prosperity and power are from allah , so why we do not see them coming , it's obvious , we don't deserve allah's help !!!! , we have first to correct our position , fulfill our duties towards our lord , making pure intention to serve allah and the nation " niyya khalisa" , relying on allah's power and will "tawakkul", learning about life , understanding our world ( some of our brothers would say : i'm not created to understand the world , but to worship allah , i agree but the rest of the world are allah's creatures and we are not ufos !!! we make part of this humanity , wether we like it or not ) , another thing is the fact that our minds are broken because they are contaminated with negative ideas about life and the role we should have as a positive actors , alot of nowadays corruption is given a legitime cover in name of religion and patriotism ( in alot of cases patriotism have had the upper hand no matter against whom it's beeing used , in most cases other arab and muslim countries ) , so for the sake of allah free your minds and purify your hearts .

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

positive thinking

everyone has something to say about positive thinking , reorganizing life , making things in order , but on the ground only few people succeed in doing the programme , the first reason of this failure is very simple , we're not used to do so ( it should always has been someone to give us a list about what is to do in our life ) , we're all influenced by someone in our daily life , and in general we're influenced by the whole system , even if it's a corrupted one , the majority of people feel the need to be protected under a system no matter if it's good or bad , they do that because they have a deep belief of their incapability to create their own way of life , having a positive thinking about life is the only way to improve ourselves and to realize our dreams and projects ,and i'm sure the lack of positive thinking is one of the main reasons of our backwardness in the arab world , i really feel bitterness when i see millions of young people lost in their life , they're not even aware of the responsability waiting them , they're shocked , confused about their choices in life , inable to understand what's happening in their homeland and around the world , who's wrong and who's right , they have no reference or criteria to distinguish between good and evil , nobody told them enough about life , about the reason of their existence , about their identity !!!! , they were educated to be "things" , " you're all the same , you're all equal , brothers and sisters , serving the nation , don't thing about anything , we're doing it for you , all you have to do is to be loyal to the nation , your provider " , and beyond the borders of the nation another nation teaching it's children the same principles of the loyalty but with a different flag and a different leader .