Sunday, October 09, 2005

Welcome Ramadan

It's Ramadan , the holy month of fasting , i'm really happy , my spirituality is at its highest level in this month and i can feel the blessings of Allah everywhere , the mosques are full of worshippers , there is a lot of charity acts and people are donating to the poor , my question is : why can't we keep this behaviour in the rest of the year ? because we're weak ?, we can't resist the temptation of evil ? , Allah has offered us a wonderful opportunity in Ramadan to make daily training to get used to good deeds and to purify our hearts and souls , but the problem is that we're not aware of how important this month for every muslim to start new life full of faith and to get rid of the materialism that was the center of our interest during eleven months , we have to meditate alot and to remember Allah's signs of power , mercy and the real purpose of our creation , all that in order to worship Him in the appropriate manner to deserve His mercy and to prepare ourselves to meet Him without sinns or at least without major sinns , hope we will keep behavouring in a good way inshallah , Ramadan mubarak .