Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Our identity

I have promissed you to talk a little bit more about my country Algeria and i'll try to fulfill my promiss in this post inshallah , i know most of you have some informations about Algeria , you know it's a large country situated in north Africa between Tunisia and Morocco ( more than 2300000 km2 ) , algerians are at 99.99% muslims ( as i've written in a comment in a friend's blog it's not about arab elections ,so trust this number) , our race ? it's the problem ( at least in the eyes of opportunist politicians ) , in my opinion the majority of us are "Amazigh" ( the name of algerian population before the coming of Islam to north Africa) even if some wouldn't agree with me specially our brothers and sisters belonging to the panarabist ideology which in my opinion lacks objectivity and serve only a partisan agenda, in the other part of the equation we have people who want to impose "Amazighity" as a foundation for the algerian nation which is unacceptable too ,the real problem is that both panarabists and amazighity supporters give a small role to the most imprtant link between all algerians which is Islam , our religion don't recognizes race as a criteria of honor or piety , otherwise "Abu Lahab" a pure arab and the uncle of prophet Mohamed (pbuh) wouldn't be cursed by God in Quran , the criteria in Islam is faith , intentions and deeds and not the color of skin or blood . Since our independance in 1962 we've made little progress in promoting our society mainly because of ideologies which have proven its failure during 40 years of theorical freedom ,but who cares ?!! all that politicians are concerned about is to protect their own inetrests , and the consequences are there , 10 years of a civil war that was the inevitable result of a deep corruption at all levels ,i believe everyone in this country has the right to exist with dignity and should be judged according to his skills and abilities beyond his race and tribe , i might have jews as ancestors ( some berbers celebrate al kahina who was a jewish amazigh queen in my region Tebessa ) but what i feel a real pride about is that i'm a muslim , and only Islam can bring together all algerians no matter their racial background .

Friday, September 16, 2005


Yesterday i was listening to a debate on a french radio , the guest was a french atheist philosopher ,he was talking about materialism , the evolution theory of Darwin and of course God , he said that people who rejected Darwin's theory were ignorant and had no scientific background and were only reacting according to their religious beliefs which in his eyes are not relevant in science , he was not convincing at all and when he was asked how could we explain this power of thinking and the mental strength we have if our ancestors were monkeys !!! he said that this question is the unique obstacle that could undermine evolution theory (!!!) , he's forgotten to say that it's also the most important difference between humans and animals ,and when talking about God he explain his rejecting of Him that materialism recognizes only things we can see , hear , smell , taste or touch , obviously Mr philosopher you're blind and deaf , we can see and hear God with our hearts ,and only open hearts can feel the presence of God everywhere , i feel the presence of god when i see the sky , the stars , the mountains and when i hear the birds and the sea , when i smell the rain , when i touch the tree , when i taste the pain of beeing free , when i see a new-born baby coming to life and when i see death coming to me . I know it's not scientific , but believe me Mr philosopher , it's the truth .

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A case of democracy

President Mubarak has won the elections and believe it or not without fraud , but with all the Propaganda in his side , with 25 years as a living image in the conscious and the subconscious mind of 70 millions poor egyptians and with daily warnings for the nation that unless the people choose him , the future would be dark , very dark even ,Ayman Alzawahiri( the n2 of Alqaeda) is there waiting for this opportunity ,wich opportunity ?!! to see Egypt without Mubarak in order to hijack the power and then declaring the" talibanic" state ,in other words you have the choice between Mubarak and the apocalypse , it's almost impossible to convince the people that Egypt is not Mubarak , that it could be raining without Mubarak , but what to do ? it's the choice of the people even if the level of participation was only 23% , the same people who was claiming freedom of speech , better life , jobs ,but let's not be pessimistic , it's a step or rather two steps " mubarak has gone , mubarak has come back " !!!! ,i know some of our egyptian brothers may say " it's not your buisiness , you're jealous because our corruption is better than yours !!!!", that was always the case in the arab world . i know it's not about changing Mubarak , it's about changing the whole system in the arab world , but what we can do when the people refuse the change ,it's a rule "a corruption you're used to is better than an unknown reform!!!" we still need decades , maybe centuries in our arab world to understand that "better life" is not a wish , it's a mentality , a way of thinking , a decision that comes from within , by the way congratulations Mr president.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


I was very sad when i saw on tv channels the destruction some american states suffered as aftermath of the the hurricane Katrina and i was thinking how human beings are weak and fragile in front of catastrophies even if they are the citizens of the unique superpower , i was also thinking about the real need of this humanity for solidarity and compassion , spreading peace around the world , helping the poor .