Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Women's rights

I’ve seen many programmes last days on TV channels celebrating the international women's day , and i’ve heard some voices criticizing Islam and Muslims and accusing them of opressing woman and treating her inhumanly , here i want to clarify some facts , Islam and Muslims are two different things, you cannot blame the law if the people in charge of this law are not fully commited to imply it or if they imply it in the wrong way, for instance in some Muslim countries you find people who deny the woman right of learning and they justify it by religious commitment while learning in Islam is more than right , it’s a duty !!! bad practices in Muslim world were inherited as a tribal traditions and with time passing and the spreading of ignorance as a result of the absence of competent scholars of Islamic law these traditions became a part of the religion, Islam raised the rank of woman and consider her as a partner of man, give her rights and duties according to her abilities ,she has the right to work as long as she respects the Islamic rules , she could be even a businsswoman like the first wife of prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)was, Islam never consider woman as a source of evil like some other religions did , the dignity of woman is protected , for instance if a man accuses a woman of immorality and then he turns out to be a liar not only he incurrs a severe punishment but also he would be considered as untrustworthy for the rest of his life , as for the situation the woman is living in the West we should recognize that there are some advantages like learning , working but saying that the woman in the West has no problems would be exagerated ,there is an unlimited number of reports showing the difficulties a western working woman is facing going from verbal harassment to rape, a growing rate of suicide , at least one third of mothers are single, criticizing some tribes in the desert for maltreatment of woman could make you appear as a hero of defending human rights but it would never help you to see your own mistakes.