Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Our identity

I have promissed you to talk a little bit more about my country Algeria and i'll try to fulfill my promiss in this post inshallah , i know most of you have some informations about Algeria , you know it's a large country situated in north Africa between Tunisia and Morocco ( more than 2300000 km2 ) , algerians are at 99.99% muslims ( as i've written in a comment in a friend's blog it's not about arab elections ,so trust this number) , our race ? it's the problem ( at least in the eyes of opportunist politicians ) , in my opinion the majority of us are "Amazigh" ( the name of algerian population before the coming of Islam to north Africa) even if some wouldn't agree with me specially our brothers and sisters belonging to the panarabist ideology which in my opinion lacks objectivity and serve only a partisan agenda, in the other part of the equation we have people who want to impose "Amazighity" as a foundation for the algerian nation which is unacceptable too ,the real problem is that both panarabists and amazighity supporters give a small role to the most imprtant link between all algerians which is Islam , our religion don't recognizes race as a criteria of honor or piety , otherwise "Abu Lahab" a pure arab and the uncle of prophet Mohamed (pbuh) wouldn't be cursed by God in Quran , the criteria in Islam is faith , intentions and deeds and not the color of skin or blood . Since our independance in 1962 we've made little progress in promoting our society mainly because of ideologies which have proven its failure during 40 years of theorical freedom ,but who cares ?!! all that politicians are concerned about is to protect their own inetrests , and the consequences are there , 10 years of a civil war that was the inevitable result of a deep corruption at all levels ,i believe everyone in this country has the right to exist with dignity and should be judged according to his skills and abilities beyond his race and tribe , i might have jews as ancestors ( some berbers celebrate al kahina who was a jewish amazigh queen in my region Tebessa ) but what i feel a real pride about is that i'm a muslim , and only Islam can bring together all algerians no matter their racial background .


Blogger Nada said...

i agree with you my friend......good article.

5:07 AM  
Blogger Levi9909 said...

But what about non-Muslims and what should the system of governance be?

6:18 AM  
Blogger Renegade Eye said...

I found your blog surfing.

Religious states are imploding all over the world. I disagree with you as a secular person.

All the best to you.

9:04 PM  
Blogger boumaaraf said...

Welcome friends , in Algeria we haven't important religious minorities ,jews left after the independance of the country ,few christians remained but they also left after a civil war broke in 1993 ,but what i believe is that minorities should have their rights wherever they live without any kind of discrimination , as for Renegade eye , i understand your attitude about religious states , the problem isn't the religion itself but the way in which it's being used ,God has sent books to people to teach them monotheism ,wisdom and justice , but the human being was always an eternal sinner , he used religion to opress people and for his own ineterests , thank you.

4:12 AM  

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