Wednesday, May 25, 2005

good muslim and bad one

how can we distinguish between good and bad muslim ? i'm sure most of you would choose general behaviour as criteria ,i would agree but the problem is that alot of muslims give no attention to this point, and think they have the right to do whatever it taste funny to them regardless of what the others ( specially non muslims ) would think about them and the judgement they would make .they're not aware of the responsability of being muslim ( and it's really a huge one ) ,we have two kinds of irresponsible muslims here , first group who are careless about islamic principles and teaching and very neglecting of the religious side of life ( and that's a kind of extremism simply because it's a dangerous deviation from the right path) , and a second group who claim having the monopoly of truth and who despise other muslims and consider all non muslims as ennemies . the fact is that both groups are extremists and have done a lot of damage to the image of islam , nobody can nominate himself judge of other people deeds , but what can a good muslim do is to preach the word of god with good manners with full respect of others lives , customs and confessions ,we should never forget that prophet mohammad ( may peace be upon him ) had suffered opression , torture , exile , plots ,illness to convey the pure message of mercy of allah (swt) to all mankind and he never expressed hatred and disdain toward others even his ennemies and prisoners of war were treated with mercy ,we are in a real need to reread our prophet's tradition and his way of dealing with others , but saying all that i'm not pessimistic , there is ( hamdu lillah ) a lot of our brothers and sisters who are making a lot of efforts to show the real message of islam and who are saying to non muslims " don't judge a divine message by the behaviour of its people , go to the sources , make an individual effort and look for the truth regardless of what the media is saying , all i'm asking you to do is to be a sincere truth seeker ".

Thursday, May 19, 2005

something about me

salam alaikom , today i'll talk a little bit about myself ( i feel it necessary for the simple reason that some of those who might visit this blog would be curious to know more about its creator and also it would help me finding people like me ), you know already i'm journalist from algeria , 28 years old in 25 days ,single (unfortunately),i like learning languages , i speak spanish , italian ,french , bad german and bad portugues and of course arabic and english ( even if i do not have a shakespearian style ), i like reading alot ( but sincerly i can't finish books of more than 100 pages,there is exceptions of course ),i've read alot about religion , history ,philosophy ,geopolitics but i've to learn more (don't worry , i have the appetite ),it's important to know and to understand the daily events of our changing world ,i like also having debates with open-minded and intelligent people ( the others must submit an application and pay money , i'm joking ),i hate pre-estblished ideas and conformism (it's like pre-established goverments in the third world ),i hate also arrogant and materliastic people ,what more ? i think it's enough unless you send questions (my fans are welcome and if you insist i'll organize a press conference , i'm joking ), may allah bless our umma and guide everyone to the right path ,ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

saving algeria

do you know algeria ? it's a north african arab muslim republic ( even if we have some troubles about the word "arab",it's another story , i'll tell you later ) that defeated the powerful colonial france , but forty years after that glorious independance the country find itself in front of a politcal storm that lead to non glorious civil war causing the killing of at least 150 000 men and women among civilians , soldiers and islamists , it's a real tragedy specially when it occurs among muslims who are aware of the price of muslim life and any innocent life , unfortunately in the case of algeria corrupted politics had more power than wisdom , today corruption still exist and will continue to exist till the day of judgment but hamdu lillah , the situation is different in many levels , and with the efforts president bouteflika is making we can be hopeful and expect improvements ( i'm not one of president bouteflika soldiers and i do have some critics about him but honestly saying he's the best politician and leader algeria have for the moment , and i should recognize the great efforts he's done to improve the image of the country abroad and i think the majority of algerian people admire his the intelligence even if they do feel bored about his long speeches on tv ) , i'll tell more about my homeland next time , salam alaikom .

Monday, May 16, 2005


salam alaikom , it's my second post , and sincerly i'm really satisfied to have friends from all over the world wether they are muslims like me or from other confessions to debate what's going on in a world full of conflicts of interests at different level , and i believe the unique way to have peace is dialogue with all confessions and ideologies , free speech and the diversity of opinions would really improve understanding for each other ideas and beliefs , and allah ( swt ) ordered us to argue with good manners with people from other confessions specially people of the the book ( christains and jews ) .

Sunday, May 15, 2005

salam alaikom

it's my first post , i would like to say salam alaikom all my brothers and sisters , non-muslims freinds and curious are also welcome , i think we have a common goal here which is to give the real image of our peaceful religion , send me your comments , suggestions , advices , that all for the moment , salam